Broughton Hackett

See below for defibrillator

Do you  know when this photo was taken? The March Hare was once called the New Inn and this is a shot of it and the 'Parking Place' on the site of the former garage on the A422.

Read about the murdering vicar of Broughton Hackett

Read more about the history of Broughton Hackett, taken from the Pershore Hundred here


A cabinet, and defibrillator inside it, are installed in the porch of St Leonard's Church in Broughton Hackett. There is a battery operated LED light inside the cabinet with a movement sensor so the light will come on when the cabinet is opened. This light is attached to the inside top of the cabinet by a magnet so it can be pulled off and used as a torch when using the defibrillator.

The cabinet has a key pad lock which requires a code. There is an instruction on the front of the cabinet which says to phone 999 to obtain the code. In all cases 999 should be phoned anyway before a defibrillator is used. The defibrillator and cabinet are registered with the British Heart Foundation /Ambulance Service. Included in the registration is the location of the cabinet, type and serial number of the defibrillator and the code for opening the cabinet door. Anyone who phones 999 (both villagers and anyone passing through the village or near the village) under circumstances that need a defibrillator will be told the location of the cabinet and the access code.

There is an instruction booklet inside the defibrillator carrying case. The defibrillator itself also gives verbal instructions on how to operate. Once the pads are attached to the patient, it analyses the heart rhythm of the patient and gives verbal instructions on whether a shock should be given or not. It also instructs on when the patient can be touched and when to give CPR. If no shock is advised the defibrillator prevents a shock being given.

This defibrillator can be used on children as well as adults without needing to change the pads. There is a slider switch on the front to change from adult (> 8 years) to child (1-8 years). Pull the left hand side of the clear plastic cover to this switch in order to open it. The defibrillator does not need to be removed from the carrying case to use it. Just open the carrying case and pull out from the back of the case the packet containing the pads. In the defibrillator carrying case there are a spare set of pads (in addition to the ones attached to the defibrillator) and an AED starter kit containing CPR face shield, 2 dry wipes, tough cut scissors, gloves and gallant prep razor.

The above may all look complicated but really it is not and, once the pads are attached, the defibrillator should give all the instructions that are required.

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