St Leonard's Church

St Leonard's Church

The church of St.Leonard is a small building consisting of chancel and nave dating from about the 14th century and the chancel from the 15th.  It is in the Diocese of Worcester.

We would welcome your prayers in our prayer box at the back of the church; your prayers can either be read out in the service, prayed in our prayer meetings or offered to God silently by one of our church members.

Safegaurding - Please see the Village Noticeboard, or the Bowline Magazine, for details of who to contact if you have safeguarding issues.

Services Rotas 

To be advised.

Historical Information regarding Church and Churchyard

Broughton Hackett Bells.pdf Broughton Hackett Bells.pdf
Size : 599.573 Kb
Type : pdf
Ancient Yew in Churchyard.pdf Ancient Yew in Churchyard.pdf
Size : 558.213 Kb
Type : pdf
Murderous Vicar.pdf Murderous Vicar.pdf
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